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A portrayal

Viewmount Technologies Inc. is an Ottawa-based Canadian robotic technology developer and service provider. We use the latest robotic science and technologies to develop systems that complete assigned tasks with the highest accuracy and fastest pace possible. For now, most of our focus is on developing remotely controlled autonomous flying robotic systems also known as Unmanned Aerial Systems (UASs) and are identified as UAVs or Drones as well. Our customized commercial UAVs are designed to be able to accomplish diverse classes of missions in various sectors of science and industry profiles. Our UAV systems can be tailored to do missions in precision agriculture, inspection, remote sensing, surveillance, film and photography, wildlife protection and nearly unconstrained variety of applications. The word "Viewmount" resembles the magnificence and strength of a mount in the eyes of a viewer. We want to ensure that the same qualities are provided by our exclusive products and services.
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